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15 Circuit Coaching Exercises (Residence & Fitness center)

circuit training is awesome, even dinosaurs love it

This circuit coaching information is gonna offer you EVERYTHING you should do your first kickass circuit coaching exercise at the moment.

I imply come on, it has dinosaurs in it.

These exercises are much like the customized applications we construct for our On-line Teaching Shoppers who work out at residence, on the highway, and in outer house.

Okay, FINE we don’t have any purchasers in house (but). However we do have purchasers in Antarctica, and a number of aerospace engineers. Shut sufficient?

For those who’re hoping circuit coaching will maximize your ends in a minimal period of time, one of many 15 circuits under will do the trick:

Let’s soar proper in.

What’s Circuit Coaching?

As Coach Lauren mentions above, the “circuit” in circuit coaching comes from the truth that you do a sequence of workout routines again to again to again, and then you definitely repeat the sequence.

After which once more.

You cycle by way of the deliberate sequence of workout routines, or circuit, a number of occasions.

That’s circuit coaching.

Typically, you hit every main muscle group throughout one full circuit. It’s possible you’ll do a decrease physique for one train. Then the higher physique the following.

You’ll discover all types of various circuit coaching sequences. Listed below are some issues most can have in widespread:

  • A number of completely different workout routines. A traditional circuit can have 5 to 10 completely different actions per circuit. You’ll typically hear these known as “stations.” Overhead press station, squat station, and so on.
  • Little to no relaxation in between. The aim of circuit coaching is to maintain your coronary heart charge up. Ideally, for those who’re bodily in a position, you go from one train to a different with out stopping. Perhaps you relaxation after the entire circuit. Perhaps.
  • Rinse and repeat. Typically, you’ll run by way of your circuit just a few occasions. Three rounds are widespread.

Make sense?

The Tick is stoked you are putting on weight, muscle or fat, it means our strategy is working.

The purpose right here is to work completely different components of your physique with completely different workout routines, after which whereas these components are recovering, you’re working in your different actions! This helps construct cardiovascular well being, whereas additionally bettering muscular endurance and power.

Plus you’ll burn energy!

As we lay out in our article, Cardio vs Interval Coaching vs. Weight Coaching, analysis helps that doing power coaching circuits is nice for weight reduction and general well being.

Extra importantly, for someone with restricted time, doing a power coaching circuit is simpler at constructing power and burning fats than an equal quantity of cardio.

In different phrases, if you’re attempting to drop pounds, you ought to be doing circuit coaching.

Our Newbie Body weight Circuit could be a fantastic place to start, and you may obtain a worksheet that will help you get began proper right here:

Why Ought to I do circuit coaching?

This runner definitely has a strong core!

Typically, you’ll hear train divided into power coaching or cardio train (cardio).

What’s the distinction, you surprise?

  • Energy coaching. Energy coaching can also be known as anaerobic train, which might be a brief burst of power for motion. Consider a push-up or pull-up. These workout routines assist construct and tone muscle.
  • Cardio Train. “Cardio” means “wants oxygen.” Your coronary heart charge will increase to get oxygen the place your physique wants it, thus the phrase “cardio.” Working, biking, or leaping jacks could be examples of cardio train.

The factor a few circuit is, you really do each classes. Presses and lunges fall into power coaching. Leaping jacks are cardio.

And because you aren’t stopping a lot in between stations, you’ll want extra oxygen, and voila. Much more cardio.

With circuit coaching, you construct muscle and burn fats WHILE constructing stamina.

As Michael Scott would say, “that’s a win, win, win.”

circuit training is a win win win

There’s some debate on what sort of train is healthier for weight reduction: cardio or anaerobic.

My ideas?

For those who’re restricted on time and solely can choose one, I might choose power coaching: whenever you power prepare, you break your muscular tissues down, and your physique must work further laborious over the following 24-48 hours to rebuild these muscular tissues (with elevated energy burned).

We work with our 1-on-1 Teaching Shoppers to create applications that mix each power and cardio in a enjoyable method – it actually comes right down to a program that you just really WANT to do.

Earlier than and after your circuit coaching: Heat up and stretch

Some stretching a rubber band

Irrespective of which circuit you choose, I need you to begin with one vital factor:


I cowl why you need to at all times heat up in an article discovered proper right here. It doesn’t must be a lot although, give it about 5 minutes to get your muscular tissues lively and your coronary heart charge up.

It will enable you do workout routines correctly and assist stop harm. You possibly can run in place, do air punches and kicks, or some leaping jacks.

Right here is NF Senior Coach Staci (you may know her unimaginable story) displaying you a lot newbie choices you should utilize to heat up as nicely:

Did I simply inform you to arrange for circuit coaching, with a circuit?!

For those who’re curious, right here’s my private (superior) warm-up:


  • Soar rope: 2-3 minutes 
  • Leaping jacks: 25 reps
  • Body weight squats: 20 reps
  • Lunges: 5 reps every leg.
  • Hip extensions: 10 reps both sides
  • Hip rotations: 5 every leg
  • Ahead leg swings: 10 every leg
  • Aspect leg swings: 10 every leg
  • Push-ups: 10-20 reps
  • Spider-man steps: 10 reps

Our aim isn’t to tire you out. As an alternative, we wish to heat you up.

That’s the 1st step.

Finishing your chosen circuit coaching routine could be step two.

Beneath, you’ll discover 15 exercises you’ll be able to observe together with! And for those who like our type of exercises, you may like our new app, Nerd Health Journey!

Our enjoyable habit-building app helps you train extra steadily, eat more healthy, and stage up your life (actually).

Proper now, you’ll be able to strive it for free for a full week (no bank card required). Soar in under:

Newbie Body weight Exercise Circuit

This exercise circuit, as we lay out in our Newbie Body weight Exercise article, is as follows:

  • Body weight squats: 20 reps
  • Push-ups: 10 reps
  • Strolling lunges – 10 every leg
  • Dumbbell rows (utilizing a gallon milk jug or one other weight): 10 every arm.
  • Plank: 15 seconds
  • Leaping jacks: 30 reps

Run by way of this circuit thrice. For those who don’t have milk in the home for the rows, discover one thing of roughly the identical weight with a great deal with.

We additionally turned this exercise right into a enjoyable infographic with superheroes, as a result of that’s how we roll:

An infographic of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout

If you wish to obtain this Newbie Body weight Exercise as a worksheet, you are able to do so whenever you enroll within the field under:

Superior Body weight Workouts Circuit

If the newbie circuit above is simply too straightforward for you, transfer on to our Superior Body weight Exercise Circuit. The exercise appears like this:

  • One-legged squats – 10 both sides [warning super-difficult, only attempt if you’re in good enough shape]
  • Body weight squats: 20 reps
  • Strolling lunges: 20 reps (10 every leg)
  • Soar step-ups: 20 reps (10 every leg)
  • Pull-ups: 10 reps [or inverted bodyweight rows]
  • Dips (between bar stools): 10 reps
  • Chin-ups: 10 reps [or inverted bodyweight rows with underhand grip]
  • Push-ups: 10 reps
  • Plank: 30 seconds

I warn you, the above circuit will harm… in a great way. You need to be proud if you will get by way of this thrice.

Playground Exercise Circuit

Do you have got a close-by playground? Why not work on the market! If in case you have youngsters, you are able to do it collectively. Or allow them to ignore you.

I’ll offer you a Stage One exercise, and a Stage Two. Try the principal playground article for some Stage Three workout routines.

Stage One:

  • Alternating step-ups: 20 reps (10 every leg)
  • Elevated push-ups: 10 reps
  • Swing rows: 10 reps
  • Assisted lunges: 8 reps every leg
  • Bent leg reverse crunches: 10 reps

Stage Two:

  • Bench jumps: 10 reps
  • Decrease incline push-ups: 10 reps
  • Physique rows: 10 reps
  • Lunges: 8 reps every leg
  • Straight leg reverse crunches: 10 reps

After you’ve gone by way of an entire set thrice, go down the slide!

Kettlebell Exercise Circuit

Have a kettlebell mendacity round? Use it for a circuit!

Right here’s our kettlebell exercise full write-up, however you may also simply watch the video and see the exercise right here:

  • Halos: 8 reps (both sides)
  • Goblet squats: 10 reps
  • Overhead presses: 8 reps (both sides)
  • Kettlebell swings: 15 reps
  • Bent Over Rows: 8 reps (both sides)
  • Entrance rack reverse lunge: 6 reps (per facet)

When you’ve accomplished the above thrice, go forward and put your kettlebell away in your ultimate step: stretches.

If you would like a kettlebell worksheet for this exercise, seize one by signing up within the field under:

We even have a enjoyable new journey in our app that can help you prepare together with your kettlebell proper alongside Hack Morris (it will make sense extra sense when begin).

Soar in proper now in your free trial:

Newbie Fitness center Circuit Coaching

use free weights and to do circuit training

If in case you have entry to a gymnasium, you have got a number of circuit choices.

If it’s your first time stepping foot in a health facility, try our Newbie’s Information to the Fitness center. The gymnasium generally is a scary place, however we’ll offer you a technique to get cozy.

(Fitness center closed do to COVID? Right here’s find out how to construct a gymnasium in your house.) 

We’ll additionally stroll you thru every motion for each Days A and B under. I might suggest selecting considered one of our 5 Newbie Fitness center Exercises, going by way of the leveled progressions, and dealing your method as much as the circuits under:



  • Barbell Romanian deadlifts/common deadlifts: 10 reps
  • Push-ups: 10 reps
  • Dumbbell rows: 10 reps per arm

Alternate your circuits on completely different days. Relaxation in between. “Day A” may very well be Monday. Relaxation Tuesday. Wednesday may very well be “Day B.”

We LOVE serving to folks get began within the gymnasium, as we’re large followers of barbell coaching and serving to newcomers construct confidence with weight coaching! If that sounds such as you…

And you may obtain our full Energy 101 information too, which has this routine together with different circuits that will help you begin constructing power at the moment:

The Resort Exercise Circuit: For Vacationers that Prepare

Is there anyway to work out in this hotel room?

Typically, you simply plain end up caught in a lodge room. Perhaps you will discover the lodge gymnasium, however I wager it’s horrible! It in all probability has 2 machines, a damaged treadmill, and no free weights. 


As an alternative, how about a exercise circuit you are able to do within the room itself! Make the most of the furnishings to its full potential.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Set the alarm clock to fifteen minutes from now and see what number of circuits you are able to do!

Try our full put up on lodge circuits if you’d like Stage 3!

We’ve got a LOT of enterprise vacationers in our 1-on-1 teaching program, which is why we create exercises for each their residence gymnasium and whereas touring!

For those who want worldwide accountability, exercises for residence and the highway, and wish skilled steering…

Nerdy Circuit Coaching Workouts

Lego minifigures standing in rows. In first row - Batman, The Jo

If these exercises above don’t tickle your fancy, we have now these different nerdy circuits you are able to do too!

The Batman Exercise Circuit

Day 1

  • Rolling squat tuck-up jumps: 5 reps
  • Aspect to facet push-ups: 5 reps
  • Modified headstand push-ups: 5 reps
  • Soar pull-up with tuck / Pull-up with Tuck-up: 5 reps
  • Handstands in opposition to wall: 8 seconds

Day 2

  • ‘180 Diploma’ soar turns: 5 reps
  • Tuck entrance lever maintain: 8 seconds
  • Tuck again lever maintain: 8 seconds
  • Low frog maintain: 8 seconds

The Lord of the Rings Exercise Circuit

try this lord of the rings circuit training workout

Superset 1: The Fellowship of the Ring

Superset 2: The Two Towers

  • Riders of ROWhan: 3 body weight rows
  • Gimli “Shall I get you a field?” jumps7 field jumps – REALLY explode
  • Helm’s Deep-Squats: 9 body weight squats – get your ass to the bottom
  • Tower of Orthanc Holds: 1 minute (Kick up in opposition to a wall and maintain a handstand for so long as you’ll be able to till 1 minute is full, in as few as units as doable. Try our Information to Handstands.)

Superset 3: The Return of the King

If you will get by way of a superset thrice, contemplate your self an honorary Ranger. Nothing present in Mordor can faze you.

The 300 Exercise Circuit

do the 300 circuit training workout to get strong like King Leonidas

The under circuit is not any joke. Then once more, neither had been the Spartans.

  • Pull-ups: 25 reps
  • Deadlifts with 135lbs: 50 reps
  • Push-ups: 50 reps
  • ‘24-inch’ Field jumps: 50 reps
  • Flooring wipers: 50 reps
  • Single-arm clean-and-press with 36 lbs. kettlebell: 25 both sides
  • Pull-ups: 25 reps

The above sequence is designed to be accomplished as soon as. For those who can undergo it twice, you’re able to defend Greece.

The Wolverine Exercise Circuit

  • Barbell Deadlift / Dumbbell RDL / Banded Good Morning / Common Good Morning: 10 reps
  • Medication Ball Slam / Fast Downwards Body weight Squat: 10 reps
  • Push-up to Renegade row (push-up, row left, push-up, row proper, repeat): 5 Rows per facet
  • Transverse Lunge and Chop: 5 reps both sides

What number of occasions do you do that circuit? AMRAP, or, As Many Rounds As Attainable. I recommend setting a 12-minute timer and attending to work. Watch out although, as a result of solely Wolverine can heal robotically.

wolverine does workout circuits too

You’ll want precise relaxation.


There are your nerdy circuits. Be happy to rock the soundtrack of the referenced films throughout your exercise. For those who personal a cape, now’s the time.

Full Listing of Circuit Coaching Workouts

A picture of a LEGO Spider-man, who is interested in weight loss.

You are able to do any of the exercises on this article and get a fantastic exercise, however if you wish to construct your individual exercise, you’ll be able to completely do this too!

Here’s a checklist of workout routines you should utilize to create your exercise.

Merely choose just a few, and do one after the opposite in as many circuits as you need!

Decide your workout routines from this checklist to construct your individual circuit coaching exercise, or recommend your individual for us so as to add within the feedback under!


  1. Soar rope
  2. Leaping Jacks
  3. Strolling Jacks
  4. Burpees
  5. Mountain climbers
  6. Stairs
  7. Sprints
  8. Excessive knees
  9. Working in place
  10. Rowing machine
  11. Lengthy-distance jumps
  12. Field jumps


  1. Push-ups (any variation)
  2. Handstands.


  1. Dumbbell rows
  2. Body weight rows
  3. Adverse pull-ups or chin-ups
  4. Pull-ups or Chin-ups


  1. Body weight squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Kettlebell swings
  4. Farmer carries (carry dumbbells and stroll round)

Coach Staci showing Farmer's Walk


  1. Planks
  2. Aspect planks
  3. Reverse crunches

Decide 3-5 workout routines, and organize them as we talk about in our “find out how to construct your individual exercise routine.” We even have The 42 Finest Body weight Workouts for actions you could select from.

Do 3 circuits with 10 reps of every train, one after the opposite!

Have enjoyable and maintain issues attention-grabbing. And for those who don’t wish to construct your individual exercise, that’s cool too! We’ve got 15 free exercises on this article, and we are able to additionally do all of the heavy lifting for you.

(Properly, not actually DO the heavy lifting, however you understand what I imply.)

We create customized exercise options for busy folks similar to you in our 1-on-1 Teaching Program. Allow us to create a exercise and enable you make higher meals selections.

It’s like having a Yoda in your pocket (once more, not actually).

Find out how to Stretch After Circuit Coaching

When you end your exercise, the ultimate step (three) could be stretching and funky down. It doesn’t matter what circuit you undergo, stretch after a exercise. It may possibly assist loads with muscle restoration.

Scope this video for an superior stretching sequence to observe:

You might additionally do some yoga poses. For stretching, discover what feels good and take your time. Let your coronary heart charge come down when you stretch.

You might even do some foam rolling too for those who’re a glutton for punishment!

For extra concepts on find out how to take advantage of your stretches, try The Final Information for Enhancing Flexibility in 30 Days. It has Spider-Man in it, so you understand we aren’t messing round.

Getting Began With Circuit Coaching

want to be a superhero like these legos? do circuit training!

There are all types of various methods to do circuit coaching. We simply confirmed you fifteen.

YOUR MISSION: Full one of many above circuit coaching exercises! For those who don’t know which one to select, begin with the Newbie Body weight Circuit. It’ll get you used to the thought of hustling from one train to the following.

And you are able to do it in your front room!

For those who’re in search of extra hands-on instruction and customised steering, try our 1-on-1 Teaching program. You’ll work with our licensed NF instructors who get to know you higher than you understand your self, after which construct a exercise program that’s particular to your precise objectives.

Merely put, we inform you precisely what to do daily, and find out how to eat. After which, we verify in with you frequently to be sure to’re doing it!

For those who bought this far within the article, I actually need you to strive considered one of these exercises. Proper NOW. I at all times point out a very powerful step in a health journey is beginning it. At this time, begin circuit coaching.

As soon as accomplished, I’d love so that you can share your story with the group within the feedback:

  • How’d it go?
  • Did you get by way of three full circuits?
  • Which routine did you choose?

Discover a circuit you’re snug with, and do it.

Then do it subsequent week. And the next. And monitor your progress

For those who add circuit coaching to your health routine, you’ll be on a strong path for leveling up your life.


PS: I couldn’t fairly determine find out how to use this gif, nevertheless it was too good to not embrace.

I bet short circuit likes circuit training

If somebody creates the “Quick Circuit Exercise Circuit” you’ll be my finest pal without end.


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