Self-Care Sunday

Self-care has transformed a lot over the last few years. It began as a way to encourage
people to do more for themselves, which is amazing. But somewhere along the way, it
became something people felt like they were forced to do.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with this idea of the perfect self-care routine, it’s
time to take a step back. Instead of focusing on having to fit it into your daily life, why
not just start one day a week?

Why do Self-Care on Sunday?

Sunday is actually the perfect day to dedicate to yourself, since it is often already a day
of rest for many people. You are winding down after a fun weekend, and likely getting
ready for a new week to begin. Take advantage of the downtime by adding some self-
care activities to your routine.

1. Setting Up Your Weekly Self-Care Routine

First thing’s first – figure out what your routine is going to be on Sunday. Don’t forget
that self-care doesn’t have to be done alone, so if you have a busy house on Sundays,
you can still do this!

What you want to do is focus on your self-care on Sundays, whether that means an
hour during the day, or changing the entire routine for the day.

Think of Sundays like a reset day. When you not only get your planning done for the
week, but you give yourself some time to relax and unwind, reset your body and your
mind for another busy week.

How is it Different from Daily Self-Care?

To put it simply, it’s not. You still want to choose activities that help you to relax, are
good for your body and mind, and overall wellness. But you might have a little more free
time on Sundays, so you won’t feel as pressured to fit it all in before or after work, or
during your bedtime routine.

Sundays opens up new possibilities for self-care, whether you do it alone or with family.


Think About Your Current Sunday Routine

In order to turn Sunday into your weekly self-care day, you need to consider what you
tend to do on Sundays. This self-reflection helps you determine if these are things that
can only be done on Sundays, or can be moved to another day to give you more time
for yourself.

Make a list of things you do every Sunday first. Then look at your list, and cross off
anything that isn’t really necessary or might no longer be serving you. With what is left,
determine if any of those activities can be moved to Saturday.

For example, if you do a lot of cleaning and chores on Sundays, could they be moved to
other days during the week, freeing up a bit more self-care time for you?

2. Ideas for Sunday Self-Care Activities

The good news is that self-care on Sunday is pretty much the same as what you would
do any other day of the week. It is more about dedicating a day to yourself each week,
especially if you don’t have much time during the week to really focus on you.

Here are some activities that can be great to do on Sundays:

Let yourself sleep in – If you don’t get to sleep in during the rest of the week, at the
very least give yourself this time on Sundays! Your body (and mind) needs the rest.

Go to brunch with friends – Self-care can also mean doing something you enjoy with
other people. Grab a group of friends on Sunday to go to brunch.

Head to a park or the beach with your kids – You can also enjoy more time with your
kids without cell phones and TV. Go outside to enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Ride
bicycles around your neighborhood, have a beach day, or do a picnic at the park.

Have an hour of pampering – You might not be able to dedicate the entire day just to
self-care, but at least fit in some pampering time.

Catch up on your reading or creative projects – This is the perfect time to pick
activities you enjoy, but rarely have time for. Maybe there is a book you have been
wanting to finish or a creative project you would love to do.

Get ready for the week – Self-care can also mean just giving yourself time ot really
reset and prepare for the week ahead.

3. Self-Care for Introverts and Extroverts

Something to keep in mind is that what you consider self-care might change depending
on if you are more of an introverted or extroverted person.

Self-Care for Introverts

If you are an introvert, you probably find that you are the most relaxed when you are
alone. This doesn’t mean you want to be or should be alone all the time, but that you
often need a little bit of time to yourself each day to recharge and gain your composure.

Have Quiet Solitude on Sunday – Self-care for an introvert can be as simple as just
making sure you have some alone, quiet time on Sundays. You need this time to
yourself to regroup and relax. It can be really hard when you go all day around other
people and never give yourself this time.

Find Nature-Inspired Activities – Introverts also tend to enjoy time outdoors, again in a
quiet and peaceful environment. Try to find some activities you can participate in that
will encourage you to spend more time outside.

Embrace Your Creative Side – An amazing way to practice self-care as an introvert is
to do something creative. Learn how to crochet, write a poem or short story, color in an
adult coloring book, or start painting.

Self-Care for Extroverts

Extroverts are more social creatures, getting their energy from being around other
people. If you consider yourself an extrovert, you probably enjoy time with others more
than time alone. But what does that mean for your self-care routine? Here are some tips
for practicing self-care when you are an extrovert.

Enjoy Social Time with Friends – What might be a little more up your alley is
scheduling in time with friends. What better way to practice self-care than spend time
with those you love the most?

Volunteer Your Time – Looking for something more meaningful and fulfilling? You
might like to volunteer somewhere as your self-care. Look into local community centers
or animal shelters that are open on Sunday and see if they need any help.

Join a Local Club – Another social activity that helps with your self-care is joining a
local club, like a book club. Not only will you be encouraged to read more, but you can
get together once a week with your book club to chat and talk about the book.

4. Tips for Your Sunday Self-Care Routine

Here are a few more tips for making sure you have a good Sunday self-care routine,
and really understand what self-care means and how to avoid the common mistakes.

It Encompasses Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health

Self-care does not fulfill just one need in your life. Different activities provoke different
benefits in your life, including helping with your emotional, mental, and physical health.

What works best for you is going to be something that helps you feel relaxed, de-
stressed, improves your mood, and is something you absolutely love to do.

Your Self-Care Needs Can Change Regularly

Just because you have committed to writing in your journal and meditating every
morning for an hour as your self-care routine, doesn’t mean you have to do this forever.
Sometimes, what you choose as your self-care activity changes, or you need to make
adjustments based on your schedule.

Revisit what you are doing for self-care often. As your life and the seasons change, so
will your self-care and what is actually going to benefit you the most.

A Common Mistake is Forcing Your Self-Care

This can’t be said enough – your self-care routine should not make you more stressed!
This is a sign that you are forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do and that
is doing nothing for you.

It might be because your friend is participating in this form of self-care, or you read that
it is a good idea. But remember everyone is different and everyone is going to benefit
from different things.


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